New Patient

Thank you for visiting The Allin Clinic website. At present, we are accepting new patients for low-risk obstetrics or by physician referral. This policy has been adopted to ensure that our existing patients receive timely and appropriate care. We review this policy on a regular basis and will advise the public should anything change.


Accepting New Patients

Doctor Specialities Interests
Hansraj, Priyanka (Dr.) General Practice


Accepting Referrals

Doctor Specialities Interests
Berg, Angela (Dr.) Lactation Consulting
Eliyashevska, Myra (Dr.) Neurology
Karolak, Michael (Dr.) Internal Medicine
McDermott, John (Dr.) Neurology
Pankiv, Viktoria (Dr.) Paediatrics
Skeith, Ken (Dr.) Internal Medicine Rheumatology
Stich, Beverley (Dr.) Psychiatry Child Psychiatry
Warmington, Lise (Dr.) Paediatrics